Stages of Growth:

The gestation period of a joey sugar glider is only 16 days. After the 16 day gestation period the mother licks a path to her pouch that the undeveloped, pink joey about the size of a grain of rice wiggles it way to where it locates a nipple and latches on, the nipple then swells inside the joey’s mouth.

Developing in Pouch

This is where the joey will stay for the next 7 Weeks. Much of the tiny joey’s development happens during the first 7 Weeks in the pouch. During this crucial in pouch time the joey is continually nursing, and remains attached to the nipple.

Week 1

  • Size of a green pea
  • Have underdeveloped eyes, ears, and nubs for limbs

Week 2

  • Double in size about the size of a small shelled peanut
  • Feet are becoming defined
  • Tail is noticeable

Week 4

  • Size of a grape
  • Toes start to form
  • Head grows larger

Week 5-7

  • Fur beginning to grow
  • Eyelids develop
  • Nails and whiskers grow

*Around the 7 to 8 Week mark you can hear the mother begin to shake the joey lose from the nipple.

Week 8-9

  • Joey leaves pouch 8 to 9 Weeks
  • Mother may leave Joey with dad or alone briefly
  • Joey can be handled 2 to 5 minutes at a time

*If for some reason the joey would detach from the mother and come out of pouch prior to the 8 Week mark it is very important that the breeder steps in and takes over the role of feeding and caring for the rejected joey. Rejection kits are available for rejection situations.

Developing out of pouch (OOP)

The next several Weeks the joey begins to explore and develop a personality, completely with the guidance of the parents. At this time with extreme caution and the permission from the parents, joeys may be able to be handled.

Up to 2 Weeks

  • hold for 10 minutes
  • fur getting thicker
  • Joey becomes vocal Joey relies on mom/dad to stimulate waste elimination
  • teeth are starting to come through
  • eyes will open
  • May venture out on parents back

Up to 4 Weeks

  • Completely furred
  • Makes different sounds
  • Ears are up and moving
  • Teeth are developed
  • Starts small jump/hops while being held
  • Starts poking out of the nest

6 Weeks

  • Joey starts trying solid food
  • Joey will eliminate on its own
  • Starts exploring without mom or dad
  • Still nursing
  • Can be held for 20 minutes to an hour

7-8 Weeks

  • Fully developed
  • Should be weaned
  • Should be eating solid food
  • Can start taking trips away from home (use caution and watch for signs of stress)

*All of the breeding parents at
Kritters ‘n Krawlers are handled, friendly, and trusting; therefore making handling joey’s easier and less stressful for all.

*all Joey’s develop at their own pace.